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What to Expect From AffiliateHat this 2010

By Affiliate Hat On January 3, 2010 Under Affiliate Ramblings, Featured Post

Ok, the last post was September 25. The blog obviously was kinda on a hiatus, doing nothing, having planned nothing and going nowhere. I don’t want to make any excuses. It’s my fault because I’m lame and lazy.

Second, if I am about to promise anything again here don’t believe me. During mid 2009 when this blog had it going, I promised that I would provide free high quality articles and that never happened. So consider me a liar.

Anyways enough on talking. This year we would try to back this site up, provide occasional good tips for affiliate marketing and web news and many more. As you may now this blog was purchased by Melvin and no offense but ever since then its a downward spiral. Melvin is a very busy person, a student and an entrepreneur.

He hired 3 writers and one of them is me, the other two had written couple articles here before and just vanished. So altogether it was all our fault too.

This year, I (or we) will try my best to resuscitate this blog by posting more. As what this blog is about, I would hand out several affiliate marketing tips for newcomers and hopefully get them started and see how it goes then.

The blog would also showcase some case studies to really increase the value of the content that it would hand out to you, readers.

If there’s still a reader of this blog, see you then. ;-)

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3 comments - add yours

January 9, 2010

heheh, lols, great to have a special mention here.. :D Anyways, Im just pumped up this year to resuscitate this blog. Either way thanks for this good introductory post. ;-)

Simon | Teenius

January 11, 2010

Best of luck with Affiliate Hat – I know it’s a great site with loads of potential, so good luck! Also, with an owner like Melvin you’re bound to have success ;)


January 15, 2010

Guys thanks for the kind words and best of luck as well too.