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What is the Best Product to Promote?

By Affiliate Hat On January 21, 2010 Under Affiliate Tips, Domaining, Featured Post, Newbie Tips, Promoting Offers

In wickedfire, most of the question is about what is the best product to be an affiliate for? What is the best product to promote? The cliche answer/s is either it depends or there’s no best product to promote. So today I’ll explain a bit what it means and why. Let’s now dissect it.

It depends

People normally base it on the per lead tag, epc, and stuffs. For example two years ago, the ringtone market is a hot commodity. Everyone is in there, everyone’s like making money with it. The truth is only few did. While ringtone is a lucrative niche, the problem is its saturated. To be able to get a position in Adwords or YSM you need to shred out a lot of cash since the cpc is absurdly high.

Last year’s flavor is the rebill offers. If you don’t know, rebills are the ones that the customer just need to pay less than $5 for shipping YET they don’t know its a recurring payment. It’s shady but its how it was really designed. Like ringtones, it’s high paying but I doubt a lot of people made huge money with it. Researching, its obvious that the same and the same people are the ones that make the most of it.

So in the end it depends not just on the price per lead or the rising trends, but also on how suitable it is for your budget.

There’s No Best Product

This is true if you ask me. Every time I log in to my Copeac account, I always see the hot offers and stuffs but I rarely promote those. Sometimes you’d be surprised on how some of the offers work, what’s converting and why its converting.

For instance, I would like to promote a quiz offer which is working in UK. It converts well simply because Im promoting on a different demographic. Maybe not a lot of people promote that offer or promote it in that geographical location.

The thing is you can follow what others do by promoting those hot campaigns and yet still fail badly or promote something unknown, lose money, then capitalize in the end.

Affiliate Marketing is a testing and tweaking business (and spending too). Even the highest converting products will suck if you do your campaigns poorly. And besides if there’s such a best product to promote, why would I tell it to you anyway?

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January 21, 2010

Social comments and analytics for this post…

This post was mentioned on Twitter by affiliatehat: What is the Best Product to Promote?: In wickedfire, most of the question is about what is the best product to be … http://bit.ly/5YKo5q

Jens P. Berget

January 22, 2010

Very interesting post. I agree, it’s all about testing. Sometimes you might think that you’ve found a perfect product, and when you start promoting it, people won’t buy it. It might not be anything wrong with the product, but with how you promote it.

On the other hand, it can be the product. The only way to find out, is by testing and tweaking.

– Jens


January 22, 2010

To me, there is no best product. It is people that makes a product good or bad. Nice review you have done


January 24, 2010

We can also have some pretty good examples out there.
Like for example is the SEO Book, w/c is probably the best Search Optimization product out there. But still I bet a large chunk of people promoting the SEO Book aren’t making any strides.

Larry Strait

January 29, 2010

The best product to promote, thats an easy answer…..a profitable one :)


September 17, 2011

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