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There Is No BEST Affiliate Network

By Affiliate Hat On March 17, 2009 Under Affiliate Network

When newbies dive into affiliate marketing, the first question they always ask is “What is the best affiliate network to join?”. While it’s understandable for them to ask that question, the truth is their is really no “best” in terms of everything. It varies differently. That’s why most affiliate marketers do their research first, before starting to promote their campaigns. They surf across each and every affiliate network, to find the best and highest paying offer (and the least scrubbing one).

Most people starting out in affiliate marketing tend to think on whether it is worth joining a specific affiliate network or not. While old adage tells us “to focus on one”, the truth is their is really no harm in joining as much affiliate networks as you can. I mean if you can join all of them then why not? After all it doesn’t cost you anything right? I always have a thinking that I myself can utilize something out of them one at a time and maybe sometime in future.

Here in this blog, there is a list of affiliate networks that I recommend. But if you’d like to have a more comprehensive look at each network, then affpinions.com is one of the better ones I’ve seen there.

There it is! This is just a short heads up to everyone especially those who are starting out. There’s really no one who’s remotely ahead of the step. Think, Copeac is good with dating offers, weight loss but lack freebies campaigns. Ads4dough and C2m lacks a better interface and has a few offers but each of them are high paying (and their owners are damn cool!). Pepperjam Network has few lead generation offers but referring someone to them nets you $5 (in my case $8). Hydra boasts email and zip submits but they have some problems with tracking. Market Leverage has a lot of offers that are paying lower than other networks but they are a very generous company. Cpaempire does have a $20 ringtone offer but seemingly no one seems to convert on it.  What else?

To sum it up, it all speaks about you, testing them one at a time and if you find a profitable campaign on a network, there you have it. Your “best” affiliate network. But of course it is bounded by time. :)

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Stuart Conover

March 17, 2009

I’ve had to explain that very thing to so many people it’s crazy. The affiliate network that will work for you depends not only on what your blog or website is related to but what type of audience you have. Will they click on content ads, banners, etc to follow through and purchase a product.

A LOT of things factor into it that most people who are new don’t seem to understand. It probably doesn’t help that most of the sites and books on affiliate marketing don’t seem to stress that enough ;)

Dave (Affiliate Best)

March 17, 2009

You’re quite correct in that there really is no best affiliate network but there are several very reliable, trusted networks that every affiliate marketer should join basicly to do split testing to see if there is any lead scrubbing going on. All of the networks you’ve mentioned in this article hav passed my litmus test for stability and not scrubbing leads,

Only thing is that PJN no longer pays $5 or $7 for publisher leads. Check your program terms as most people have been reduced to .50 per lead. Kris Jones said it’s only for people with a transparency rating under 3 but mine is 3 and I was reduced as well.


March 18, 2009

“Market Leverage has a lot of offers that are paying lower than other networks but they are a very generous company”

-LOL, its because they always send swags to a lot of bloggers… that way they made themselves look good.


March 18, 2009

i guess every network has different “forte”… btw, copeac doesnt lack freebie campaign. in fact i think they are the most complete affiliate network


March 18, 2009

I think every Affliate network has it’s advantages and disadvantages, like many thing’s in life anyway include humans!

Thanks for the info :-)


March 19, 2009

so true..


March 19, 2009

.50? wow, thats ridiculous… Im getting paid $7 because I drive traffic and have a 4 transp rating :)


March 24, 2009

Hey there. You will never truly know which affiliate is best for YOU AND YOUR READERS until you test the waters with each one. You might like the payout or the glitz and glamor of one affiliate but your readers won’t check them out if they do not entice the reader. It doesn’t hurt to try different ones at different times (or at the same time as long as they have a stat tracker) to see which one is better suited.

It’s true that their is no best, as everyone as different opinions about everything. As long as you feel the network you choose is the right one, that’s all that matters.