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Some News From The Industry

By Affiliate Hat On February 10, 2009 Under Industry News

I have been busy doing redoing all of my campaigns because of some problems with the direct track which causes a lot of problems for a lot of marketers online.  But anyways here are some interesting things I saw and heard:

SEOMOZ putting up a bargain – Interestingly Moz subscriber received a mail from Rand Fishkin saying that they are giving firesale for SEOMOZ subscriptions. The previous cost is $79 per month but for a limited time (and the limited might just be over), it would cost a dollar. Yeah, massive firesale! What is SEOMOZ ? It’s basically a membership program that gives you access to top tools in SEO and some nice articles about it. They have a free membership, and if you don’t have $79 then the free membership is good as well.

NickyCakes released a nice walkthrough in affiliate marketing. Actually its a series and the first part is just a detailed explanation of how exactly affiliate marketing is. It’s a nice read if you’re starting out but if you’re a medium affiliate, you can go on w/o reading it. Just in case you dont know Nicky is one of the more respected goobles in the industry.

Facebook Ads have just seemed to become more linient with their advertising guidelines. Basically, now I am seeing 90-95% of my ads getting easily approved. They have also allowed more types of advertisements but still maintained its restrictions on dating, weight loss, type of offer