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Six Figure Affiliate Blogging, Is it really Possible?

By Affiliate Hat On May 15, 2010 Under Affiliate Ramblings

If you’re here with me for quite sometime, you would definitely notice that I am talking affiliate marketing mostly from the paid search and advertising point of view. Just alone by reading the noobs guide, you’d find out that the affiliate model we are running with here in AffiliateHat is CPA to paid traffic model.

It surprises me though on how affiliate marketing is so diversified. I mean as shoemoney stated there are six figure affiliates who haven’t heard of performance-based networks like AzoogleAds, Copeac, Neverblue and etc. That alone sums up that within affiliate marketing alone, there are several income streams all with very good potential.

Anyways, I was recently pinged by Zac Johnson about his free eBook on affiliate marketing. It’s not really an affiliate marketing guide like the ones we have here in our newsletter but its more of an affiliate monetization way from the blogging side. Just in case you don’t know, Zac Johnson is a self-proclaimed super affiliate slash spiderman fan slash blogger. He was really used to get criticisms a lot from the paid search industry for being fake or what not but I guess that’s a thing of the past as he was able to carve out a powerful brand around himself by now.

The eBook that he had is entitled Six Figure Affiliate Blogging. The free product tackles some fundamental topics like finding a niche, doing keyword research, getting some nice and hardcore blog designs. That is the basic part of it. However, there are some pretty nice writeup on the book on how he, himself turned the blog into an affiliate income earner machine so if you’re already a tech savvy, you may want to skip the fundamental part and jump straight into the advanced chapters.

Even though I am pretty allergic with eBooks, I liked reading it in the end. Zac is probably one of the best bloggers in terms of making so much money turning his readers into affiliate commissions and as far as what I’m observing right now that seems to be an untapped source of blog income. People are so “advertising” obsessive that they dont really leverage their traffic by doing much more.

So definitely if you’re interested into this, you may want to check out his six figure affiliate blogging product. And besides its free so if you dont want it, just delete in from your hard drive and make a blog post that it sucks. ;-)

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5 comments - add yours

HaHa, that was funny. I have his e-book and I have not read it yet, but after reading this post I will go ahead and give it a read.

I also like the upfront and critical nature of this blog, so I will be back !!!

working insurance

September 12, 2010

i think it is really hard, at first , you need good writing, second you need to worry about income to support your pro blog life

working insurance

September 12, 2010

i have read his book and Yaro’s , it is all depend actions. too much information, make you stuff there

Affiliate Monster

June 7, 2011

Hello I read your post very carefully.
I think It’s Possible But not so easy. In order to make money online we need maintain Quality/Interesting content and good amount of targeted traffic.
I’m not saying that anyone can make 6Figure income easily but anyone can make good amount of money.

Anyways I really like your writing
Keep It Up..

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