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Reading And Learning Is Where Peeps Start

By Affiliate Hat On April 26, 2009 Under Google Adwords, Newbie Tips

Just a quick writeup for you guys here. There are a lot of people who want to start affiliate marketing (I get a lot of IM messages) and the common question is how do I minimize my costs and mistakes as much as I can? My answer is plain simple: read and learn!

While a lot of people would say jumping headfirst and learning from experience is the best thing for improvement, I think understanding how things work first would very much help. No doubt, experience is the best teacher but that doesn’t mean experience alone can help you succeed.

For example, my niece started affiliate marketing 3 months ago. She felt she understood everything already and she’s courageous. Problem was her ads couldn’t even get approved in Adwords! She tried Facebook but all of her ads were disapproved!

You see, taking action is not a problem to her. But reading and learning is. Many newbies tend to fail because they don’t even read the Adwords Guidelines first. They don’t even know what are the acceptables ads on Facebook and what are not. And worst, they don’t even know the offer only accepts traffic from a certain country!

That’s where the first stages of learning comes in. Before starting, you may want to read the policies first, you may want to read some article first from authority blogs and you may want to instill it to your understanding. As where everything starts, one should always read first, then learn. After all, this is where super affiliates start anyway right?

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April 27, 2009

I completely agree with this article. Many people fail because they don’t invest their time in reading and learing. Affiliate marketing is not an easy job (I speak from experience) and it’s all about experimenting, what works, what doesn’t, try this, try that and If you think you got it right this time, try again!


October 22, 2009

How could I not become friends with these wonderful poets? ,

Luca Di Nicola

November 2, 2009

Great article. Education is the key in any business. I find that I sometimes read too much and don’t take action as quickly as I should. There needs to be a balanced approach so you don’t get caught up in the analysis paralysis trap.