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Most Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

By djfunkyslick On August 16, 2011 Under Affiliate Tips

Hi there again and welcome back to Affiliatehat! I know it’s been awhile, but be prepared for some great affiliate marketing tips, video tutorials, and awesome ways to make affiliate money. But before digging into all of that, first let’s get some mistakes out of the way. This is a video tutorial on some of the most common affiliate marketing mistakes.

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Let me tell you from personal experience two things. YES, you can make decent to great money being an affiliate marketer.  Number two, email your list too much and you’re as good as done. And I mean done. Too many emails will have people unsubscribe from your list faster then you can say no money in the bank.

affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing mistakesTrue story. Two weeks ago, I subbed to a list of someone who was giving a wonderful freebie away….which you need to do to build your list. I loved the freebie, loved the first 3 emails I received….in one hour! After that, I received upwards of 8-10 emails per day from this person.

I could only take 2 weeks of the incessant emails; I unsubscribed yesterday. This person may well have a list of 5000+ people, but I know more have unsubscribed. There is no value, just selling. DO NOT JUST SELL to your list. You will not succeed.

You need to prove you have some worth and trust before you can expect to gain customers. Period. So, that is a huge mistake in my humble opinion. Without further adieu….the following video will highlight some common affiliate marketing mistakes.

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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