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Importance of Domain Name in Affiliate Marketing

By Affiliate Hat On September 25, 2009 Under Basics, Domaining

It will be surprising to know how the Super Affiliates earn great amount of money. There are some secret tools that they use but generally they never inform to anyone.

One of the secret techniques that they use is to transform a tough, complicated and long affiliate link into the smaller and easy to remember domain name. Then after, they forward this domain name to an affiliate link.

Most of the affiliate programs do not allow you to use their name. The changes in their name are also permitted. So, you need to register a generic domain name and point it to your affiliate link.

Suppose, you require to use one of your domains to advertise spyware removal software. For this, you need to use a short, seven letter domain name instead of using your actual affiliate link. Do not expect people to type this link as a domain name into their browser. You will be using this only when you put the listings in the search engines which allow pay per click such as Google AdWords, Overture, Enhance Interactive and FindWhat. So, what you are doing here is, sending the users directly to the sites with a domain that fulfills the requirement of the users related to the particular site.

Remember that the domain registrar should allow you to forward the domain to the URL for free or with very less cost. If you have a domain for your affiliate link, it can be useful to opt in the newsletter.

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Agent 001

October 26, 2009

Nice tip. I had a little idea about this but never tried it out. I am not much into affiliate marketing but this will definitely help if I think of jumping into it.