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I Don’t Care About Super Affiliates, You Should Not

By Affiliate Hat On January 30, 2009 Under Rant

A lot of people like to read blogs that claim to make gazillion of income per month. They are easily glued by those flashy cheques and bold claims coupled with humble statements that they are not boasting. Know what? I’m really sick of it! These “showboat so-called superaffiliates” aren’t really even close to what the real super affiliates are making. I know most people would say “looking at his cheque inspires me.” That’s bullcrap! When someone actually reads a blog, and follows it, he is psyched to think it would work that way as well and that is likely why most people couldn’t even generate a click from their Adwords campaign!

My piece of shit here, stop caring about them. You wouldn’t grow by following them. Don’t waste your energy. Instead of reading Zac Johnson’s blog, then why just not read the whole Adwords Guideline so you would more understand how Adwords work. Or maybe why just not save your mental energy to form a high converting keywords? And the end of any day, I know you’ll realize you are making a progress by not following those “thuper-affiliates” but by working up your ass more! Come on!

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8 comments - add yours

January 31, 2009

LOL. very affiliate seems to hate the likes of Zac Johnson for being a poser…


February 1, 2009

no not really… most pips from wickedfire hate the likes of him

I’m a fan of Zac Johson and Paul from Uberaffiliate. If you know Zac personally, he’s a great guy.

I was applying for this scholarship long time ago, no “super affiliate” is willing to help me with a testimonial but zac johnson simply wrote up an amazingly long testimonial for me.

Cool guy actually.


February 2, 2009

I wouldn’t say all super affiliates are jerks that you shouldn’t follow. There are posers and those who are really looking to help. You just have to keep on reading the blog and you’ll see which ones are the real ones you want to stay subscribed and heed to. ;)


February 2, 2009

so? everyone can virtually write testimnials and basically everyone can claim they are superaffiliates!~

The Moneyac

February 4, 2009

Good point about the posers and wasting the energy.

I stopped reading “Super Affiliate Blogs” long time ago, I only read blogs those that provide some valuable info – how to set up a wordpress blogs, how to make landing pages, etc. That’s what counts, and you know what ? Since I have stopped reading those blogs, I have made more money, as I am working more productive.

I am not saying that uberaffiliate and Zac are posers, yes they are making money, but then again you should not waste your time reading those blogs everyday. Go better try your own campaigns with trial and error !


The Moneyac

Healthy Jesi

March 19, 2009

I always read those blogs who are guiding how to earn good working at home… but was never successful until i start planing my own :)

Definitely have to agree with Moneyac, some of those so-called “super affiliate” blogs are nothing more than mere scheme to gain some personal feelings for whatever reason.

The best way is to not follow someone else, but to get out there and try it out for yourself. Granted, you should still learn and do research, but don’t follow people that claim the extraordinary.