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How to make Your Affiliate Marketing Business Algo-Proof

By Affiliate Hat On August 2, 2012 Under Affiliate Tips

Ok, it is a universal truth that Google hates Affiliate sites. They hate these sites so intently that they even do not mind describing some successful and ethical Affiliate sites as thin website adding zero value to the users. However, what is surprising to note is that Google itself has a platform for affiliate marketers but these people are different or at least, they are being treated differently by Google. Now, do not feel jealous because this is not going to change the reality. There are some ways you can give a try if you wish to make your affiliate website stand the test of time.

Do Not make it an Easy Prey: Affiliate marketing is not easy money. There is nothing in the world as easy money; you need to work hard to make your Affiliate website look different from the thousand others vying to securing their place in this fiercely competitive niche. It is not going to be an easy win. If you believe that copying information from external sources and then placing them on your website is not going to help your website curry favor with search engines. But strangely enough this is what most affiliate websites do and finally they find themselves penalized by Google.

I know what you are supposed to say in defense of stealing content from other websites. “Writing unique content for tens of thousands of products is almost impossible” – this is what you are most likely to say. But Google is firm on its stance. Unless your affiliate website has unique content, it will always run the risk of being penalized. So, rather than creating thousands of affiliate websites of the same niche in the hope of ruling the SERP, you should concentrate on creating a great website with unique content.

What Value it is Adding: Being an affiliate website is not cool. To be honest, affiliate means you are just acting as a salesperson and your main objective is to sell as many products as possible. But this should not be the main motive behind running a website. It should be adding value to the users as a whole. Google dislikes affiliate websites but it would not mind if you run an awesome blog on bicycle and at the same time, you have a small section dedicated on affiliate marketing. It is the killer combination. Rather than featuring the same boring product description and less than interesting images, you should come up with nice and interesting review of the products and if possible, try to keep a provision for visitors to share their personal experience. This will make the whole process of affiliate marketing appear more acceptable to search engine and hopefully, your website will be on the safe side.

Build A Great Community: It would be nice if you can build up a great community. Engage people in your website and this can be done by creating a forum, a community for discussion, users review options etc. If people start talking about your website without yours being involved in the process, your website will be in a strong position. And yes, I know it will take some time but I do believe that you are rushing for any short-term gain right?

Relevant and Fresh: Do not make your affiliate website appear stagnant with zero activities. Try to make it appear hot and happening and this can be easily done by posting unique and relevant article in a blog. Set up a WordPress blog, have a nice theme and then go on publishing great articles.

Before I sum up, I need to reiterate the fact that affiliate websites with almost similar content or thin content is less likely perform well in the SERP. So work hard to the bone and build a website with a solid found rather than working towards short-term gains.

Author Bio: Michael Evans is a passionate writer and he contributes to PHS Hadjizacharias & Co, a dynamic Business firm providing Corporate services for your Cyprus Company .

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