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Archive for the ‘Rant’ Category

AffiliateHat Testing Logos & Stuffs

By Affiliate Hat On February 19, 2010 No Comments

So as you may probably see, affiliatehat.com is testing out different logos and trying to suit out what’s best for the blog. Obviously the former logo was not professionally suitable enough for it to mainly promote the brand and leave a lasting impression to the readers.

My preference with the logo design is a simple text-based logo with a hat icon in it. The color schemes, inclusion of a tagline and a professional font is what we are trying to discuss by now. If you happened to have any suggestions or critical insights and stufss, kindly fire them away!

Key Tip for Online Success, Stop Reading Blogs!

By Affiliate Hat On January 15, 2010 5 Comments

The one main advantage of blogs is that it’s easy to love reading it. Because of it’s intrinsic nature, most people prefer reading blogs rather than the traditional media, newspaper, news sites and etc. Since bloggers are friendly and do prefer to interact with people, a lot of us have just put reading as one of our daily habits.

If you’re reading this article, you probably have heard this tip a lot of times. Stop reading and start implementing. But you’re reading this blog now which means you’re doing the wrong thing? Probably yes or probably no.

If you notice, the people who are telling you that tip are the same people known as bloggers. And bloggers are the ones who produce content and drive as much people as they can to read and read and read. So how is that?

The truth is they don’t really want you not to read their blog anymore, what they want is for you to read their blog and dismiss all the other ones. Sounds bad but that’s the case. YET if you follow that tip, it would benefit you A LOT!

Stopping reading blogs is not really about not reading at all, it’s about lessening your consumption. The problem with most people who love reading is that they consume and consume and consume until they forgot and forgot all the stuffs they’ve read. In whatever business you are, it’s not really them who will move your business, its YOU. So stop blog hopping, stop exploring the blogosphere, stop subscribing to them and start doing your own thing whether it’s affiliate marketing or whatever.

Reading 2-3 blogs a day is good but if reading and reading has become a habit of yours that it starts to hurt your productivity then quit on reading.

I Don’t Care About Super Affiliates, You Should Not

By Affiliate Hat On January 30, 2009 8 Comments

A lot of people like to read blogs that claim to make gazillion of income per month. They are easily glued by those flashy cheques and bold claims coupled with humble statements that they are not boasting. Know what? I’m really sick of it! These “showboat so-called superaffiliates” aren’t really even close to what the real super affiliates are making. I know most people would say “looking at his cheque inspires me.” That’s bullcrap! When someone actually reads a blog, and follows it, he is psyched to think it would work that way as well and that is likely why most people couldn’t even generate a click from their Adwords campaign!

My piece of shit here, stop caring about them. You wouldn’t grow by following them. Don’t waste your energy. Instead of reading Zac Johnson’s blog, then why just not read the whole Adwords Guideline so you would more understand how Adwords work. Or maybe why just not save your mental energy to form a high converting keywords? And the end of any day, I know you’ll realize you are making a progress by not following those “thuper-affiliates” but by working up your ass more! Come on!