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Archive for the ‘Newbie Tips’ Category

Free eBook: Affiliate Marketing Manifesto

By Affiliate Hat On February 6, 2010 9 Comments

You probably have noticed right now that there is that ugly eBook located at the header of this site. That is actually the free stuff given if you subscribe to AffiliateHat Dot Com’s newsletter.  You get the info product for free, plus you are subscribed to the weekly newsletter which will give out awesome tips that will accelerate your learning on affiliate marketing. Do take note that the newsletter contents are the ones that are not published (and will never be published) in this blog.

What is Affiliate Marketing Manifesto?

Affiliate Marketing Manifesto is like a general guide in affiliate marketing which is newbie-friendly. The book is written with the audience in mind so if you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing then you are probably the best person for this. It’s 25-page eBook which hands out no fluff, all pure meat content.

This is what is inside the Manifesto:

  • Affiliate Marketing Introduced
  • The 3 Things All Affiliate Marketers Need To Survive Online
  • How To Become A Super Affiliate In Niche Markets
  • So Many Affiliate Programs! Which One Do I Choose?
  • Which Affiliate Networks To Look Out For When Promoting
  • Easy Profits Using PPC In Your Affiliate Marketing Business
  • Using Product Recommendations To Increase Your Bottom Line
  • Using Camtasia to Increase Your Affiliate Checks
  • Top 3 Ways To Boost Your Affiliate Commissions Overnight
  • How To Avoid The 3 Most Common Affiliate Mistakes

Go now and make sure to grab your copy of affiliate marketing manifesto located at the topmost part of the page.

What is the Best Product to Promote?

By Affiliate Hat On January 21, 2010 7 Comments

In wickedfire, most of the question is about what is the best product to be an affiliate for? What is the best product to promote? The cliche answer/s is either it depends or there’s no best product to promote. So today I’ll explain a bit what it means and why. Let’s now dissect it.

It depends

People normally base it on the per lead tag, epc, and stuffs. For example two years ago, the ringtone market is a hot commodity. Everyone is in there, everyone’s like making money with it. The truth is only few did. While ringtone is a lucrative niche, the problem is its saturated. To be able to get a position in Adwords or YSM you need to shred out a lot of cash since the cpc is absurdly high.

Last year’s flavor is the rebill offers. If you don’t know, rebills are the ones that the customer just need to pay less than $5 for shipping YET they don’t know its a recurring payment. It’s shady but its how it was really designed. Like ringtones, it’s high paying but I doubt a lot of people made huge money with it. Researching, its obvious that the same and the same people are the ones that make the most of it.

So in the end it depends not just on the price per lead or the rising trends, but also on how suitable it is for your budget.

There’s No Best Product

This is true if you ask me. Every time I log in to my Copeac account, I always see the hot offers and stuffs but I rarely promote those. Sometimes you’d be surprised on how some of the offers work, what’s converting and why its converting.

For instance, I would like to promote a quiz offer which is working in UK. It converts well simply because Im promoting on a different demographic. Maybe not a lot of people promote that offer or promote it in that geographical location.

The thing is you can follow what others do by promoting those hot campaigns and yet still fail badly or promote something unknown, lose money, then capitalize in the end.

Affiliate Marketing is a testing and tweaking business (and spending too). Even the highest converting products will suck if you do your campaigns poorly. And besides if there’s such a best product to promote, why would I tell it to you anyway?

Key Tip for Online Success, Stop Reading Blogs!

By Affiliate Hat On January 15, 2010 5 Comments

The one main advantage of blogs is that it’s easy to love reading it. Because of it’s intrinsic nature, most people prefer reading blogs rather than the traditional media, newspaper, news sites and etc. Since bloggers are friendly and do prefer to interact with people, a lot of us have just put reading as one of our daily habits.

If you’re reading this article, you probably have heard this tip a lot of times. Stop reading and start implementing. But you’re reading this blog now which means you’re doing the wrong thing? Probably yes or probably no.

If you notice, the people who are telling you that tip are the same people known as bloggers. And bloggers are the ones who produce content and drive as much people as they can to read and read and read. So how is that?

The truth is they don’t really want you not to read their blog anymore, what they want is for you to read their blog and dismiss all the other ones. Sounds bad but that’s the case. YET if you follow that tip, it would benefit you A LOT!

Stopping reading blogs is not really about not reading at all, it’s about lessening your consumption. The problem with most people who love reading is that they consume and consume and consume until they forgot and forgot all the stuffs they’ve read. In whatever business you are, it’s not really them who will move your business, its YOU. So stop blog hopping, stop exploring the blogosphere, stop subscribing to them and start doing your own thing whether it’s affiliate marketing or whatever.

Reading 2-3 blogs a day is good but if reading and reading has become a habit of yours that it starts to hurt your productivity then quit on reading.

Picking Affiliate Offers To Promote

By Affiliate Hat On May 10, 2009 2 Comments

Today I am going to make a really quick post about picking an affiliate offer/s to promote. So assuming you have now completely understood the whole affiliate marketing concept and already signed up w/an affiliate network, we are now going to pick an offer.

So picking an affiliate offer to promote doesn’t really take a lot of efforts. Although some people would suggest you to do some research to find out what is hot and what is not, that is not really necessary. The best way to find out is by actually implementing so you could make a brief test if the offer is worth promoting or not.

Does that mean you have to lose money first? Definitely not! To help you make the decision is your beloved affiliate manager. Who the heck is he/she? Aff.manager is the one who holds you and communicates with you. It’s very important to develop a close relationship with him/her. So right after you signed up w/a network you can immediately shoot her an email asking for some top converting offers and how it is promoted. That way you are getting ahead way of everyone who’s not communicating with their manager.

If you already decided on an offer to promote you need to pay closely at the requirements and descriptions. In that certain page you can see where the offers are accepted (geographically), accepted ways of promoting it and the earningsperclick and etc.. Not following the requirements would give you a lot of headache as you’d just be wasting your time and money promoting an offer.

That’s it, questions are very much entertained…

Cloaking, Masking & Redirecting Affiliate Links

By Affiliate Hat On May 1, 2009 5 Comments

Heya Melvin here. :)

From the last post we have defined and learned what is an affiliate link. Today we are going to discuss cloaking and redirecting links. Just a short question why do we actually need to cloak/mask/redirect links? Well as generations evolved and web surfers/buyers have become more ‘techy’, they have become more knowledgeable about affiliate links. If you have an affiliate link that looks like this ‘http://teethwhitener.com/?ref=googleguy’, it’s pretty obvious for them that the latter part is the referral key so its more likely that they would remove it.

Although these day affiliate companies have provided more solid-looking links and one which couldn’t easily be determined. Because of it the need for cloaking and masking has become less valuable. But still here we are going to tackle three different techniques.

Affiliate Masking – is simply making an affiliate link look like its not. It’s the most basic strategy and it happens at the status bar. In our example below, you can see that when you hover your mouse on the link it puts a different name/url. It can be done using javascript with the following code:

<a href=“http://www.true.com/?affiliate=affhat” onmouseover=” window.status=’true.com'; return true” onmouseout=“window.status=”; return true”>True Dating Program</a>

Link Redirection(most used) – is just simply making a link redirect or jump to the affiliate link itself. There are actually a lot of ways on doing it. There are also some thirdparty softwares that could get the job done for you for a very cheap price. Anyway here’s how to do it through PHP:

  1. <?php
  2. $urls = array (
  3. ‘neverblue’ => ‘http://c.azjmp.com/az/ch.php?f=1700&i=12&sub=affiliatecode’,
  4. ‘copeac’ => ‘http://rapidresponse.directtrack.com/index.html?super_affiliate_code=affilaitecode’
  5. );
  6. header (‘Location: ‘ . $urls[$_REQUEST[‘go’]]);
  7. ?>

Cloaking URL (advanced) – There are so many webmaster blogs that call link cloaking as link redirecting and its retarded. Anyway link cloaking is simply just using user agents to show different stuffs to bots and humans. This is done by some affiliates to avoid hurting their organic rankings and keep them ahead of most sites and also to have better rankings. This is also regarded as blackhat but I believe it’s not (if you’re not caught).

So those are different ways on ‘hiding’ your link as an affiliate link. I would very well suggest to just use link redirection for newbies as it doesn’t really take much to do it. Also, it’s been the most widely used tactic in the industry. If you have some questions or concerns, use the comment form below.