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How to Make More Commission per Sale with Web Hosting Affiliate Program

By Affiliate Hat On August 24, 2011 No Comments

Making money via CPA program, such as web hosting affiliate program, is challenging, partly because you need to get targeted traffic and turn the most of that traffic into profit. Conversion and per sale commission are the keys to success.

Have you ever visited Hosting Review site? It’s a way to capitalize on web hosting affiliate programs and to say the least, a decent hosting reviews site can make you $1000+/month.

How so?

Web hosting affiliate programs are always interesting because web hosting is one of the niches that pays well – you can earn more than $100 per sale!

If you are involved or interested in promoting web hosting affiliate program, I have one big tip for you on how to improve your profits.

You must negotiate with the web hosting affiliate managers.

Negotiate with hosting affiliate managers

Yes, hosting affiliate commissions can be negotiated! All you need to do is contact the web hosting affiliate program you are interested in, and pitch your intention.

The key is what in your pitch. You need to hint your message that you will feature the hosting in your site. When you pitch right, your email or contact message will be forwarded to the affiliate manager – the decision maker.

You need to feature a particular web hosting program

So, the best way to increase your commission per sale is by featuring the particular hosting in your site or marketing message.

Let’s say you want to promote HostGator affiliate program (HostGator pays you up to $100 per sale.)

If you run a site, you might want to promote the hosting affiliate program in your articles – for example, write HostGator Review.

Place banners on prominent spots, or simply state “XYZ Hosting is our preferred partner” or such.

You might also want to promote the hosting affiliate program by providing HostGator Coupons, which people can use to redeem discounts (and make you affiliate income.)

Final tips…

Of course, not all would agree to your proposal, but you need to have a go-getter attitude because you don’t really know whether the affiliate manager would agree to your proposal or not unless you try it…

The best way to increase your per sale commission is by increasing the volume of hosting signups. This is not easy – so many competitors in hosting affiliate marketing, but if you are focused in your effort, be honest and genuine, you will be surprised of the results.

Following Hot Trends is the Easiest Way to Make Money

By Affiliate Hat On February 14, 2010 No Comments

In my last post entitled there’s no best product to promote in affiliate marketing, I explained why there really is no product that can make you tons of money that easy. I emphasized the essence of testing and tweaking in affiliate marketing and how it can literally make or break your business. For today, I would like to contradict that thought a bit by talking about profiting from the latest trends.

What is a hot trend? Ok I will not quote a definition from some stupid ass resource site. Hot trends are simply the ones that are being talked about a lot (yes it speaks volume) and that people are willing to spend for it. In short, if an anime is getting a lot of buzz it doesn’t really mean it’s automatically profitable.

Some Good example of Hot trends

One good example is the recent buzz around Apple’s iPad. Because Apple finally released some info about it, it opened a profitable market for people, what is it? Email Submits! Just by surfing through PeerFly, I easily noticed an offer paying $1.20 per lead (email only) with a VERY high conversion rate of 40% (it obviously went down afterwards).

Another good example a long time ago is the Obama, McCain related offers. During the presidential campaigns, a lot of merchants and affiliate alike are cashing in through this trend simply because it was the “in” thing.

You may probably be thinking about saturation and stuffs but remember saturation and competition is good because it signifies there’s a money in that market.  More competition means more money.

How to Find the Hot Trends

People do it differently and I’m amazed on how a lot of marketers get creative with this. But for the blog’s audience and nature I will discuss the basic ways.


Twitter is the top social media tool and just by searching for surging topics that are lasting a bit longer, you can already have your offers to promote. What I usually do is go to sites like TweetMeme and find the hottest post. After that I’ll match that with a certain offer.

Google Trends

Google Trends is the best tool for finding the latest buzz search-wise.  There’s a good comprehensive post on how to maximize the use of this tool located here.


It does make sense actually to explore the big sites in the blogosphere to find what’s hot. I usually browse big and authority sites like TechCrunch, Mashable and etc to find out what’s kicking in.

How about you? Do you care about hot trends when doing your own affiliate marketing stuffs? Let me know!

Simple Secret in Making Money from Facebook

By Affiliate Hat On January 31, 2010 9 Comments

Ok sorry for being hysterical in the title. By now you should already know that there is no such thing as secret in affiliate marketing. Or to be more specific, a secret that would literally explode your profits. Again affiliate marketing is all about testing and tweaking and the more you learn from your data, the more you will earn.

Before, it’s very easy to profit from Facebook. All you need to do is run that shady email submit and get it in front of as many as audience as possible. Time flies very fast and now with all those new terms, a lot of people find making money from Facebook impossible.

If you get lazy to do a good ad copy, most of the times it will just get rejected. Even if you do a good copy, sometimes it will get rejected even. The key there is by getting into the smallest niche or what is called microniches.

A good example. If you’re going to run a quiz offer where you are going to target literally everyone, target the tag entertainment and have as much people see the ad, are you going to make money? I doubt!

There’s no secret but here’s one thing you’ve got to bare in mind. When you promote something on Facebook, make sure you laser target your audience according to the offer you’re promoting. For instance, if you’re promoting the Avatar Quiz Offer, then target not just the Avatar movie avid fans. Target them by age, whether they’re single or not and stuffs. Do you think a 40 yr.old woman would be interested to take that quiz? I bet not! Or will an 11 year old devoted fan have the money to pay for the subscription? Naah!

At the end of the day, it’s just about simply trying to get as deep as possible. While you may get lesser impressions by doing this, it may literally double your EPC. What are you gonna do with 10 mil impressions and no leads? and on the flip side, how about 10000 impressions and 10 leads? Remember, the more your ad is clicked, the more it will be displayed. And the bottom line is that the cost per click would be much cheaper if you’re ad is getting clicked often.

What say you?

What is the Best Product to Promote?

By Affiliate Hat On January 21, 2010 7 Comments

In wickedfire, most of the question is about what is the best product to be an affiliate for? What is the best product to promote? The cliche answer/s is either it depends or there’s no best product to promote. So today I’ll explain a bit what it means and why. Let’s now dissect it.

It depends

People normally base it on the per lead tag, epc, and stuffs. For example two years ago, the ringtone market is a hot commodity. Everyone is in there, everyone’s like making money with it. The truth is only few did. While ringtone is a lucrative niche, the problem is its saturated. To be able to get a position in Adwords or YSM you need to shred out a lot of cash since the cpc is absurdly high.

Last year’s flavor is the rebill offers. If you don’t know, rebills are the ones that the customer just need to pay less than $5 for shipping YET they don’t know its a recurring payment. It’s shady but its how it was really designed. Like ringtones, it’s high paying but I doubt a lot of people made huge money with it. Researching, its obvious that the same and the same people are the ones that make the most of it.

So in the end it depends not just on the price per lead or the rising trends, but also on how suitable it is for your budget.

There’s No Best Product

This is true if you ask me. Every time I log in to my Copeac account, I always see the hot offers and stuffs but I rarely promote those. Sometimes you’d be surprised on how some of the offers work, what’s converting and why its converting.

For instance, I would like to promote a quiz offer which is working in UK. It converts well simply because Im promoting on a different demographic. Maybe not a lot of people promote that offer or promote it in that geographical location.

The thing is you can follow what others do by promoting those hot campaigns and yet still fail badly or promote something unknown, lose money, then capitalize in the end.

Affiliate Marketing is a testing and tweaking business (and spending too). Even the highest converting products will suck if you do your campaigns poorly. And besides if there’s such a best product to promote, why would I tell it to you anyway?

Incentivizing In Affiliate Marketing

By Affiliate Hat On January 9, 2010 6 Comments

Incentivizing in affiliate marketing also known as incentive marketing is a very popular marketing tactic which is done mostly by website owners that have a huge audience.  Because of its nature, it’s not too hard to thrive and make some reasonable income doing it.

How it is done

Here’s a good example. Thesis theme is probably the hottest WordPress theme for the last 8 months and because of it, a lot of its affiliates are really doing well with it. So to incentivize Thesis, most people are offering what we call cash back. Thesis offers affiliates a 40% commission for every sale made and what wise affiliates do is share the commission with everyone who will buy under them. And therefore doing the math, instead of earning $35 per sale, the affiliate would make less because he’s going to give some cash back ($10-$15), YET can possibly quadruple his customers. Who wouldn’t want a discount anyways?

There are a lot of other ways to do this like adding something to the package, or giving a premium something as a bundle and many more.

Before doing this and conclusion

First and foremost, make sure the offer is incentivizable. If it’s not then obviously you will just be wasting your time doing it.

Second, make sure you have a good number of audiences and a tight community. You cannot just start a website and then have people believe you that you are really offering cash back. Reputation counts so if you already have an established website then it’s a big plus factor.

Lastly, communicate well with the merchant.  Because of its nature, some will abuse it. You definitely don’t want to give some cash to people who really don’t purchase under you. Have a constant communication with the merchant to make sure everything is running well.

Overall, this is a pretty good tactic. A lot of people are doing it but not a lot of them are being successful. Getting the process implemented properly and good communication with the merchant are the only things you need to get this thing working well. Good luck and tell me your own opinion.