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Affiliate marketing is more than just product sale – Explore its other value propositions

By Affiliate Hat On October 29, 2012 No Comments

As Google is coming down heavily on sites with duplicate or thin content by making major changes in its algo, affiliate marketers are feeling jittery. Previously affiliate marketers have never given serious thought the quality of the articles that are getting posted in their sites as they were predominantly concentrating on creating marketing gimmicks to trigger more conversions by sending traffic directly to affiliate sites. But now, things are changing, slowly but surely. As of course some lazy affiliate marketers are going nuts and they are making a huge hue and cry that the days of affiliate marketing is numbered, the reality is vastly different. Real affiliate marketers do believe that affiliate marketing is now going through a tough transitional phrase and like anything else in the world, it will rise up against all adversaries.  And the good news is that people still love affiliate marketers and below are the reasons why:

Incremental Sales: Affiliate marketing is standard business practice and believe me, Google is not against the practice of affiliate marketing; rather it is against the unethical practices that some marketers are using to increase revenues. The mechanics of affiliate marketing are very simple and straightforward. Affiliate website earns revenues from the merchants whenever a visit clicks on a link on his website, land on the merchant web page and purchases the product eventually. So, this is a win-win situation for both the affiliate marketers and the merchants.  And this works precisely, when the content of the affiliate marketing website matches with the product of the merchants.

Affiliate Marketers are working for free: Of course, affiliate marketers are not that stupid but if you take it from the point of view of a merchant, you will realize the benefits. You are not employing anyone and you are not paying these affiliate marketers a penny unless they help you sell your product. Moreover, they are promoting your products and brand for free to their audience. Yes, this is a kind of Perform or Perish kind of model and therefore, affiliate marketers will work honestly and hard because they know, they will not get a penny if they fail to convert people via the affiliate channel.

And the biggest advantage of affiliate marketing is that setting up an affiliate marketing is not that tough. Basically it is entirely an automated process and you can try any of the popular affiliate marketing hub and you will be able to monitor the following metrics like – downloads, click through rate etc.

More Brand Awareness and More Exposure: Some top affiliate-marketing website generates millions of impressions together and I hope you can imagine the brand exposure your product or service can get by featuring a banner or something of that kind in those websites.

Targeted Advertising: Affiliate marketing like everything else in the world is evolving and it is evolving very fast. Just featuring banner and text ads may not work for all the merchants and for that reasons some merchants are now coming up with dynamically updating widgets and tools. With these sophisticated tools, publishers are now being able to create content to seize the attention of the visitors and to make the content and the products are relevant, they are now also using product data feed.

About the Author: Michael Evan is a passionate writer and he has written several articles on how to make a website for Site2You.com.

How to make Your Affiliate Marketing Business Algo-Proof

By Affiliate Hat On August 2, 2012 No Comments

Ok, it is a universal truth that Google hates Affiliate sites. They hate these sites so intently that they even do not mind describing some successful and ethical Affiliate sites as thin website adding zero value to the users. However, what is surprising to note is that Google itself has a platform for affiliate marketers but these people are different or at least, they are being treated differently by Google. Now, do not feel jealous because this is not going to change the reality. There are some ways you can give a try if you wish to make your affiliate website stand the test of time.

Do Not make it an Easy Prey: Affiliate marketing is not easy money. There is nothing in the world as easy money; you need to work hard to make your Affiliate website look different from the thousand others vying to securing their place in this fiercely competitive niche. It is not going to be an easy win. If you believe that copying information from external sources and then placing them on your website is not going to help your website curry favor with search engines. But strangely enough this is what most affiliate websites do and finally they find themselves penalized by Google.

I know what you are supposed to say in defense of stealing content from other websites. “Writing unique content for tens of thousands of products is almost impossible” – this is what you are most likely to say. But Google is firm on its stance. Unless your affiliate website has unique content, it will always run the risk of being penalized. So, rather than creating thousands of affiliate websites of the same niche in the hope of ruling the SERP, you should concentrate on creating a great website with unique content.

What Value it is Adding: Being an affiliate website is not cool. To be honest, affiliate means you are just acting as a salesperson and your main objective is to sell as many products as possible. But this should not be the main motive behind running a website. It should be adding value to the users as a whole. Google dislikes affiliate websites but it would not mind if you run an awesome blog on bicycle and at the same time, you have a small section dedicated on affiliate marketing. It is the killer combination. Rather than featuring the same boring product description and less than interesting images, you should come up with nice and interesting review of the products and if possible, try to keep a provision for visitors to share their personal experience. This will make the whole process of affiliate marketing appear more acceptable to search engine and hopefully, your website will be on the safe side.

Build A Great Community: It would be nice if you can build up a great community. Engage people in your website and this can be done by creating a forum, a community for discussion, users review options etc. If people start talking about your website without yours being involved in the process, your website will be in a strong position. And yes, I know it will take some time but I do believe that you are rushing for any short-term gain right?

Relevant and Fresh: Do not make your affiliate website appear stagnant with zero activities. Try to make it appear hot and happening and this can be easily done by posting unique and relevant article in a blog. Set up a WordPress blog, have a nice theme and then go on publishing great articles.

Before I sum up, I need to reiterate the fact that affiliate websites with almost similar content or thin content is less likely perform well in the SERP. So work hard to the bone and build a website with a solid found rather than working towards short-term gains.

Author Bio: Michael Evans is a passionate writer and he contributes to PHS Hadjizacharias & Co, a dynamic Business firm providing Corporate services for your Cyprus Company .

Tips to Track Your SEO Performance

By Affiliate Hat On November 3, 2011 No Comments

When you embark on your search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign you will be entering into a new learning phase of your life. You have, no doubt, by this stage set up your very own website. You have included a good balance of images and text. You have produced eye catching headlines. The one thing you haven’t got is traffic to your site. SEO is what you now have to do to get visitors.

There is much more to SEO than simply scattering important keywords throughout your text and organising links. You will have to closely monitor the effect of these keywords and ascertain if the links are being productive or not. SEO is all about search engine rankings. This means you want to have your particular website ranked above that of your competitors when people search keywords associated with your products or services. It must at least make the search engine’s first page. This will be the aim of your keywords or key phrases.

Carefully Chosen Keywords are Important to Your Success

In this sense your choice of keywords is paramount to your ultimate success. You should therefore think about what words you would use if you wanted to bring up your own site, or the words you believe other people might use to bring up a site such as the one you have put together. For instance if you are a lawyer you wouldn’t simply use the word lawyer as there would be millions around the world. You will have to refine it to what kind of lawyer you are, and in what area you practice. It could be something like ‘family law Sydney’ or ‘Michigan family law attorneys.’

Google Analytics or Site Stats are Invaluable in Tracking Your Traffic

Google analytics or site stats are useful tools to have to measure what is working for you and what is not. It will give you various measurements from which you can evaluate what is happening on your site. For instance one area that is tracked is ‘visits’. Knowing and understand this statistic is one of your most valuable insights into what is happening on your site and how your SEO is performing. Visits will give you the following information:

  • Page visits. This particular statistic lets you know how many pages on your site received visits during a certain period of time. You will see if it is trending up or down. If it is trending down you will need to find out why.
  • Page views. A similar record as that of page visits but it will go further in that it will tell you how many pages were actually viewed by each visitor to your site. It tells you whether your visitor became interested in the visit or disappeared as fast as he or she landed. For instance if 100 people visited your site and 101 page views were recorded it shows you that they are not staying to look around. If however, you had 100 visitors with 10,000 page views you can consider yourself as being quite successful.
  • Bounce rates. Bounce rates have to be compared against your visit readings. It gives you a measurement of how many people visited your site and whether they left immediately or hung around for a while. You will need to carefully study the percentage of bounces and put this up against your total traffic. This will tell you if the people making the visit are bothering to read, or look, at what you are trying to impart. If it happened that your traffic actually increased but your bounce rate increased as well you are not achieving any benefit. Once again it indicates people are leaving before learning what you have to say or sell. Similar to a person walking into a shop and immediately turning around and leaving without even bothering to look around. The ideal situation here would be when the traffic visiting your site increased and your bounce rate decreased. This will tell you that you are successfully getting people to come to your site, meaning the keywords are working to get them there and to keep them there, and that they are staying to look around a bit. This should mean you have a better chance of making sales.

Use Your Blog to Whet the Appetite for More

Before you settle back and wait for the money to start rolling in, you should be aware that bounce rates can sometimes be read incorrectly. If you have a good blog structured to point people towards your site for instance, your traffic may well increase because of the interest your blog created. Once on your site visitors may look around a bit but leave having got enough information from your blog.

Be careful that you are not imparting too much information in your blog and that your visitors are given more to interest them once they get to your web pages. If you find the visitors to your site are actually staying for some time it will indicate they are discovering what they want. If this is occurring your next job will be to take them further into your site and preferably not to leave until they have purchased from you.

Your key performance indicators (KPI) are therefore:

  • Number of pages indexed
  • Page yield
  • Known brand

Your blog will help promote your specific brand, and when a visitor has reached your landing page he or she will be reassured if you have used the same background colour and font as you did in your blog. By doing this your visitor will be more inclined to sub-consciously trust you as they will get a sense of familiarity.

Promoting Your Affiliate Products with Linknami Online Advertising

By Affiliate Hat On October 20, 2011 No Comments

As many have proven, promoting your affiliate products via review posts and relevant articles is probably the single most effective affiliate marketing effort you can do to maximize your conversion rate. How an online advertising site can help you out?

If you are looking for a way to promote your affiliate products, you need to ensure that you get the targeted traffic that will actually buy from you. You need to partner with an site offering you opportunities to do just that.

There are some highly recommended sites on the web that you can join to get your affiliate program links promoted; one of them is Linknami.

Linknami online advertising is a site from which you can access many online advertising opportunities, either as a publisher or advertiser. Of all advertising options, you might want consider the single page ads product to help you in your affiliate marketing campaign.

Linknami Single Page Ads allows publishers – typically blog owners – to monetize each blog post individually. The single page ads are more beneficial for both publishers and advertisers. Publishers can earn more than the typical sitewide ads, while advertisers can get laser-targeted traffic, more clicks, better leads and higher return on investment (ROI.)

I recommend you to visit Linknami.com and see whether it can help you sell more affiliate products.

Affiliate marketing – An online money making option

By Affiliate Hat On September 24, 2011 No Comments

Making extra money in today’s world has become extremely important. The higher the income of a household, the better will be the condition. This can also help you in staying out of debt as majority of the people are in serious financial stress because of layoffs. However, there are various online money making options which are not like the regular jobs. This makes making money really easy as you can opt for more than one tool at the same time. The affiliate marketing is one such money making option. Affiliate marketing again has various avenues through which you can make money and these are the pay per lead affiliate program, pay per click affiliate program and the pay per sale affiliate program.

What’s the catch in affiliate marketing?

The main advantage or attraction of affiliate marketing is that you are not required to sell any products. Moreover, you can join more than one affiliate program and earn money at the same time from all of those programs. The main thing that you are required to do after you join an affiliate program is incorporating the link given by the merchant in your own website or articles. When visitors come to your website and stumble upon the link given, they may click on the link. As a result of this, they may land up in the merchant’s website. This increases the possibility of sale of the products or services offered by the merchant.

You as an affiliate can earn commission on the number of visitors going to the merchant’s website or the number leads that you are able to produce or the amount of increase in the sales of the merchant’s products. This is how you can make money through the affiliate marketing programs.

What are the differences in various affiliate programs?

There are various kinds of affiliate marketing programs – pay per sale, pay per click, pay per lead affiliate programs. In addition to this, there are also the single tier, the two tier, the multi tier and the flat fee affiliate programs.

In case of the pay per sale programs, you can earn commissions on the number of sales you are able to produce through the incorporation of the merchant’s link in your website. On the other hand, in case of the pay per click, you are able to make money simply on the clicks that are done on the given link. Again, the pay per lead is the one where you can earn commissions based on the number of leads you are able to produce. Leads are nothing but personal information shared by the visitors in the form of the surveys lists filled up or through any such sign up processes.

How can you increase income through affiliate marketing?

In affiliate marketing programs, you can make more money if you get increased number of visitors to your website. So, in order to get more money through the affiliate programs you will have to try and improve the search engine ranking of your website so that it appears higher in the search list. As it will appear higher in the search list, more number of visitors may visit your website. This may increase the possibility of the visitors clicking on the given link and then landing up on the merchant’s website. This as a result can up the sales of the merchant and this again is going to help you in increasing the chances of making more money through the affiliate programs.

Other than this, you can also participate in the different social networking sites in order to promote your own website and this will also help you in promoting the products and services of the merchant. This again will help you in earning more through the different affiliate marketing programs.

Furthermore, if you have enrolled in different kinds of affiliate marketing programs, it would be better for you to maintain different websites for different kinds of products or services.