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Archive for the ‘Affiliate Ramblings’ Category

Getting Back In Here

By Affiliate Hat On March 11, 2009 2 Comments

It seems that the saying is really true. Affiliate Marketers post sporadically on their blogs (if they even have one) and in most cases it’s giving your readers a reason not to follow you.

Anyway after working with some of my websites and promoting some really nice offers at Copeac, I think it’s nice to be back again here. I know I haven’t given any value for some 20 readers a day here but in the future I have some really great stuff to throw away at you guys. Part of it are walkthroughs, some basic affiliate marketing tips, some blackhat stuffs that I do, giveaways and so. So stay tuned.

Also I would personally like to congratulate Mr.Cuntest (really your name?) for winning my $100 prize in The Melvin Blog’s contest. He’s actually had been spamming me for three and 1/2 days and I just noticed his emails earlier this day.

Hope you guys to stay tuned and let’s see what I can just offer on the next few days/weeks. :)

When Just Starting As An Affiliate

By Affiliate Hat On January 11, 2009 15 Comments

Let’s face it. Everyone of us started as a newbie. Everyone of us came from a rough and hard road before we become what we are right now. Now the thing that varies is how we work our way up (or down). Since we have different strategies, ideas and morals we end up differently.

So most people who are getting started with affiliate marketing normally knows the risk and the high income potential of it. Because of this, they are really skeptic to jump into it. Now while it’s true, what is not true is that you need to have some money to get started with affiliate marketing. In fact its the most stupid thing I have ever heard! So how do you get started with literally nothing? Actually one thing, you have to keep in mind is time and money. If you don’t have the money, then you have to pay time to get started and vice versa. So without money, you’ll have to do what I call “sweat work” to get started. And the progress depends on how dedicated you are with what you’re doing.

In my next posts, I’ll show some ways on how you can start w/o paying anything except for your food, so standby…


Most Pips Can’t Just Produce

By Affiliate Hat On January 9, 2009 13 Comments

When you search Google for the terms “Affiliate Marketing tips”, you can find over 600,000 results. That’s just enormous, isn’t it? Well it’s just sad to think that while there are humongous number of people providing tips, giving nice writeups, and so, the truth is most people cannot just produce anything with affiliate marketing. It’s kind of a sad state to think about when all these “great bloggers” pretend to be “someone” in giving affiliate advice but can’t even surpass $100 mark every month in affiliate marketing.

Maybe affiliate marketing is really hard, no not at all! Maybe it is just because of their wrong mentality towards running a campaign or putting keywords together or maybe altogether they’re wrong! Oh, maybe I’m just getting way ahead of myself. I’m not ranting, or scolding or whatever, I just wonder. If most people can produce in affiliate marketing, then affiliate managers would be pumped up, affiliate networks would be satisfied and rich, and maybe we would have a wealthy and better internet marketing world to live in. Peace!