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Affiliate Campaigns and Twitter

By djfunkyslick On September 16, 2011 Under Affiliate Tips, Basics, Industry News

Have you utilized Twitter to market your affiliate products? How have measured that reach and success? If you have had no real way of monitoring your online marketing efforts via Twitter; hold on to your affiliate hats.

Twitter Analytics

“According to PC World, this new tool will be a great asset for businesses, as it can help them determine whether an online visitor found the website through Twitter, a search engine or some other source. This is useful, the source says, because companies will be able to launch “incentive and affiliate programs, which would have been impossible to implement in the past.”

Seeing as this really was not plausible before, the magnitude of this project could be immense for your affiliate campaigns. These analytics will allow you to tweak your affiliate marketing efforts and target the places that are going to bring you a better ROI. After all, return on investment is the key to success in business…..online and brick and mortar.

Twitter announced they would be rolling out Twitter Web Analytics in the near future. you should know by now that a successful affiliate program monitors and analyzes…ALWAYS. Doing so saves you money, puts your money in the right place…and gets your affiliate offers out to the right people. Geo targeting is a huge benefit when you are talking about making real money online.

As far as I am concerned, affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online. Someone else has created the product already; all you have to do is promote it. Learn how to do that…and you can make a fine income. Hopefully you are learning some of those how to’s here at affiliatehat. That is after all, our main goal.

I do not have a specific date that Twitter Web Analytics will be released, however it is stated that it will be soon. I hope you jump on board and utilize these types of free tools to aide in making you money.