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Affiliate marketing is more than just product sale – Explore its other value propositions

By Affiliate Hat On October 29, 2012No Comments

As Google is coming down heavily on sites with duplicate or thin content by making major changes in its algo, affiliate marketers are feeling jittery. Previously affiliate marketers have never given serious thought the quality of the articles that are getting posted in their sites as they were predominantly concentrating on creating marketing gimmicks to trigger more conversions by sending traffic directly to affiliate sites. But now, things are changing, slowly but surely. As of course some lazy affiliate marketers are going nuts and they are making a huge hue and cry that the days of affiliate marketing is numbered, the reality is vastly different. Real affiliate marketers do believe that affiliate marketing is now going through a tough transitional phrase and like anything else in the world, it will rise up against all adversaries.  And the good news is that people still love affiliate marketers and below are the reasons why:

Incremental Sales: Affiliate marketing is standard business practice and believe me, Google is not against the practice of affiliate marketing; rather it is against the unethical practices that some marketers are using to increase revenues. The mechanics of affiliate marketing are very simple and straightforward. Affiliate website earns revenues from the merchants whenever a visit clicks on a link on his website, land on the merchant web page and purchases the product eventually. So, this is a win-win situation for both the affiliate marketers and the merchants.  And this works precisely, when the content of the affiliate marketing website matches with the product of the merchants.

Affiliate Marketers are working for free: Of course, affiliate marketers are not that stupid but if you take it from the point of view of a merchant, you will realize the benefits. You are not employing anyone and you are not paying these affiliate marketers a penny unless they help you sell your product. Moreover, they are promoting your products and brand for free to their audience. Yes, this is a kind of Perform or Perish kind of model and therefore, affiliate marketers will work honestly and hard because they know, they will not get a penny if they fail to convert people via the affiliate channel.

And the biggest advantage of affiliate marketing is that setting up an affiliate marketing is not that tough. Basically it is entirely an automated process and you can try any of the popular affiliate marketing hub and you will be able to monitor the following metrics like – downloads, click through rate etc.

More Brand Awareness and More Exposure: Some top affiliate-marketing website generates millions of impressions together and I hope you can imagine the brand exposure your product or service can get by featuring a banner or something of that kind in those websites.

Targeted Advertising: Affiliate marketing like everything else in the world is evolving and it is evolving very fast. Just featuring banner and text ads may not work for all the merchants and for that reasons some merchants are now coming up with dynamically updating widgets and tools. With these sophisticated tools, publishers are now being able to create content to seize the attention of the visitors and to make the content and the products are relevant, they are now also using product data feed.

About the Author: Michael Evan is a passionate writer and he has written several articles on how to make a website for Site2You.com.

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